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By directing hot flue gases from the holding furnace to a metal scrap preheating furnace, one can heat up solid-scrap profiles, which are to be remelted, before putting them in the melting furnace. Adding a preheating step will reduce the melting time required while saving energy. > Get A Quote >

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Aug 01, 2000· Depending on the model, HRVs can recover up to 85 percent of the heat in the outgoing airstream, making these ventilators a lot easier on your budget than opening a few windows. > Get A Quote >

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Heat and energy recovery is therefore an important factor in this industry and reflects the high proportion of costs that energy represents. Many techniques for energy recovery are relatively easy to retrofit but there are occasionally some problems of deposition of metal compounds in heat exchangers. > Get A Quote >

Waste Heat Recovery from Castings and Scrap Preheating

Cited by: 7 This paper focuses on waste heat recovery using which scrap preheating is done in metal castings using sand molds. During solidification of molten metal, most of the heat is lost to the sand. The proposal is to prepare the sand mould with aluminium shots surrounding the mold cavity. > Get A Quote >

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Cited by: 3 Sep 10, 2016· Energy conservation using Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) in metal casting - an approach for sustainable manufacturing In a basic experimental set up, after preheating, the raw billets was found to take 2.94 % less energy for melting as compared to conventional method of cooling it in the shop floor. This technique has been further > Get A Quote >

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Cited by: 92 Jun 25, 2016· Secondly, there are remaining heat recovery opportunities from solid metal products that are not utilised today but which may be useful even with a large temperature difference applied to ensure a viable heat exchanger. In particular, the steel outputs of casting and hot rolling should be cooled by preheating air to make use of this opportunity. > Get A Quote >

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Results of the experiment with re-used aluminum powder In this experiment, the aluminum powder is reused after completing one heating cycle, resulting in heat- recycling: before its heat is wasted by cooing down, it is taken to the next heating cycle and hence, the heat retained by it from the previous cycle further enhances the heat recovery. > Get A Quote >

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The investigated technologies and techniques include, the use of Heat Pipes to recover heat from the cooling line; regenerators to recover the waste heat from the exits of coke ovens, oven chambers, and blast furnaces; semi wet and wet open combustion and supressed combustion techniques for recovery from the basic oxygen furnaces; capturing and using flammable by-product gases and waste heat through preheaters in electrical arc furnaces; heat recovery … > Get A Quote >

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Metal Scrap Preheating using Flue Gas Waste Heat Article (PDF Available) in Energy Procedia 105:4788-4795 · May 2017 with 514 Reads How we measure 'reads' > Get A Quote >

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Cited by: 19 A great way to preheat combustion air is with the use of regenerators. Regenerators are insulated containers filled with metal shapes that can absorb and store a significant amount of heat energy. These chambers act as “batteries for heat”, and can be rechargeable. When the regenerator is put to work, cold air will fill it before the rest of the flue gases are mixed. > Get A Quote >

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Using a hot water heater to heat the home | This Old . 2007-11-4 · Using a hot water heater to heat the home . BigJoe. By turning a few valves I can use the electric Water heater or my Gas fired boiler. The theory is I should be able to get 155 degrees of water out of the electric water heater. > Get A Quote >